Bluetooth: NewLogic is launching its new product BOOST

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Created last January in Sophia, the wireless division, presented a 'sticker' system dedicated to chips makers for wireless applications

NewLogic Technologies R&D engineers, specialised in wireless technologies worked hard and quick. At the beginning of the year they began to develop a product called 'bluetooth' (the new wireless communication switchboard), and they already could show this product in the Cebit of Hanover at the end of March. BOOSTT (Bluetooth Original On-chip SysTem) is composed by a VHDL bluetooth heart available thanks to a licence, by a bluetooth software battery and by a CMOS radio circuit.The magic of wireless linkIt is about a 'sticker' system dedicated to chips makers or to fablesses. Michel Eftimakis, the system engineer who designed the architecture of BOOST, presents the new very high-tech product. 'We developed a hardware part which can be implemented into chips that exist already to add a bluetooth function, or for chips to create that include new applications of wireless links.' 'We propose the IP base block, which is the part that will do the whole data treatment in bluetooth base band. Then we also propose software, bluetooth soft treatment which is made by the BOOST soft software. Applications? It can go from a vocal link between a cellular phone and a headphones, to a wireless link between a PDA and a printer or between a phone and a computer. Well, the whole range of Bluetooth applications that allow to supply with a wireless link.'Details of the different parts of the product and of its functions are in the NewLogic communiqué entitled 'Réduire le prix des équipements Bluetooth'A new skill in the technopoleNewLogic Technologies shows its ambitions in Sophia Antipolis. This new division of an Austrian high-tech firm, division entirely dedicated to wireless, mid-entered the technopole last November. In December almost the whole team arrived (15 engineers) and in January they began to work.Well, they are experimented engineers who already have a good experience in development in wireless technologies (a good number of them had worked in firms like VLSI in Sophia that deal with wireless technologies). Some of them also came with ideas of applications. But on that very promising bluetooth technology, NewLogic that will present its new product during the Bluetooth 2000 conference next June in Monte-Carlo is developing very quick inscribing a new skill in the Telecom Valley…

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