Bluetooth : the problem of the WAP ?

Posté lun 11/06/2001 - 00:00
Par admin

Is Bluetooth facing the problem of the WAP? It is what seems to say the article "the hazardous destiny of Bluetooth" published in Europeinfos, which reviews the Bluetooth worldwide congress at the beginning of June 2001 in Monaco. The problem? The development costs are soaring and they compromise the aim of the profession to limit the additional cost of a Bluetooth function at 5 dollars per device. Moreover, there are several incompatibilities between devices coming from different manufacturers. Indeed, Blutooth is behind its arrival on the market. However, in Sophia Antipolis, the ones who work on this wireless technology are still confident. Besides, the R&D centres or companies such as Philips semiconductors Widcomm, New logic, Conexant, Smart Fusion were present at the Bluetooth worldwide summit of Monaco and presented the first commercial products.

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