Bluetooth, Wi-fi and Home FR, stars of the "wireless" (Le Monde)

Posté lun 01/10/2001 - 00:00
Par admin

If you want a better understanding of the great battle of the wireless which happens at the moment, an article published by Le Monde reviews Bluetooth, Wi-fi, Home RF, the three protocols which are now fighting on the market of the wireless exchange of data (see the article "La bataille des normes a commencé")). The wireless wave, the daily explains, starts from technologies using frequencies around 2.4 GHz which were reserved for medical and scientific applications until now. The aim is to allow people to exchange data in a personal network (Personal Area Network, PAN) or local network (Local Area Network, LAN). Bluetooth for the “voice and oneself and around oneself data network”, Wi-fi for “creating real local and secured networks able to welcome several hundreds of users with a transfer rate of 11Mbits/s, or Home RF, the last one, “a combination of norms which were at the origin of Wi-fi with those of the DECT telephone (Digital Enhanced Cordless Phone)” ? The battle has now started.

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