Book: the Festival of Cannes considered by a sociologist

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The Festival of Cannes, considered by a sociologist: it is what Emmanuel Ethis offers in “Aux marches du palais, le Festival de Cannes sous le regard des sciences sociales », book published at the French documentation under the supervision of the Ministry for the Arts and Communication. In charge of the communication department at the University of Avignon, Emmanuel Ethis wanted to go beyond glitters and stars. He focused on cinema lovers who follow the Festival and chose to consider this great annual event as one of the last big cultural tradition of our contemporary societies.This book, as stated, aims to observe and understand the deep meaning, opposing the reality of the Festival to its representations. With the help of an investigation on the field, his point of view is very close to cinema lovers who come to Cannes to live their passion; it is with them that this investigation offers to live the big event of the worldwide cinema, gradually discovering the intimate strength which make their personality as spectators. To order, see the website

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