Boursorama : IBM bets on Linux

Posté mer 14/02/2001 - 00:00
Par admin

IBM accentuates its bet on Linux to make up for lost time compared to Sun Microsytems in the field of servers. That's what emerges from a Reuters' article on the Linux World Expo show in New-York, a dispatch covered by Boursoramaunder the title /"> 'IBM pense que Linux est prêt pour le grand monde'. The cantor of computer centralized around big mainframe systems is definitely turned to the customer-server architecture and free software.According to IBM general manager, Sam Palisano, 'Linux is ready for the real business'. Thus, IBM thinks that Linux is an operating system able to compete with Solaris, the version that Sun has created from Unix, a system which would allow him to take the advantage on ' the market of server computers, these high power machines which are animating networks and especially Internet.Even last year, IBM announced a $1 billion investment in order to help Linux to manage heavy loaded industrial applications.'This is a supplementary commitment for Linux which won't displease Senator Laffitte, the founder of Sophia Antipolis, who, for years, has been asking the French administration to take this wonderful revolution of the free software into account.

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