A British thriller not very kind with Sophia

Posté lun 11/09/2000 - 00:00
Par admin

A detective novel which will be published next week in Great-Britain risks to give a particularly bad image of Sophia Antipolis. 'Super Cannes' whose main action takes place in the technopole, tells the story of a serial killer who decides to kill people, because the environment in Sophia Antipolis, the symbol of a totally computerized world, is completely inhuman. Actually, the image of the sciences and culture city is really harshly represented. The description alerted the BBC radio, which sent on the spot one of its journalists to make an investigation to see if the Sophipolitan world was as horrible as described in the novel.The report which should be joined to the novel publishing will be far sunnier. Far from having encountered inhumanity, the British journalist was, on the contrary, seduced by the Sophipolitan conviviality. One thing to hope is left, that 'Super Cannes' does not benefit from the same success the book 'Une semaine en Provence' (a week in Provence) by Peter Mayle benefited from. The book became the Bible of the average Anglo-Saxon tourist. Or else, we hope that Anglo-Saxon lectors know how to make the difference between fiction and reality.

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