Bush prepares war of commandos (Le Figaro)

Posté mar 18/09/2001 - 00:00
Par admin

What could be the American riposte ? Le Figaro tries to give an idea. “the answer to the attacks in New York and Washington could be soon the war of commandos. The objective would be to hit fast, strong and to withdraw without any trail”, it is written in the article of September 18th Bush, de la guerre à la croisade". The daily notices that “Secretary Rumsfeld talks about a “non conventional attack for a non conventional time”. In the Pentagon, they talk about “Special Ops”, the special operations.” And the newspaper reviews the American special forces. And they conclude with an estimation of risks of a non conventional war. “This will be unpleasant, dangerous, fierce but we have to do it”, Dick Cheney, the vice president said, quoted by le Figaro.

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