Business tourism : Nice is in a good position for prices

Posté mer 10/01/2001 - 00:00
Par admin

The results of the comparative study carried out by Business Travel International, a specialist in business travel management is quite interesting. In 1999, within the classification of cities in terms of price, Nice ranks 88th with an average price of 779 francs for a room. In France, Paris ranks 26th (1106 francs with a drop of 1.05%, worth noting, compared to 1998) whereas Lyon ranks 112th (680 francs). Worldwide, New York is the most expansive city : 1654 francs, with a rise of 6% compared to 1998. It is followed by Sao Paulo (1504 francs), Moscow (1405 francs) and the cheapest city is Kuala Lumpur in Malaysia (516 francs). In Europe, Athens comes at the head with an average price of 1386 francs per room.

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