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- E-commerce : the American example.How do American e-commerce websites look like? Here are a few examples. The first one, of course a famous one, /www.amazon.com/">Amazon.com. We can find book offers, but also CD, computer and toy offers and nearly everything through zShops. Another representative website, /www.wal-mart.com/">Wal-mart, , an American distribution giant which is coming to Europe quite soon. Wal-Mart plans to launch a new website from January 1st which will offer hundreds of thousands items, among which flight and hotel bookings, car rental, etc. It is also worth seeing as well for computer items on the website called /www.euro.dell.com/countries/fr/fra/gen/default.htm">Dellor the one of /www.egghead.com/store1/ent/eggs_portal.browse">Egghead.com.- Assembly of French Business and Industry Chambers (ACFCI)/www.lille.cci.fr/ccis/index.html">http://www.lille.cci.fr/ccis/index.htmlYou have to go through the CCI of Lille in order to reach the overall of the CCI, addresses and descriptions. This website isn't exhaustive and it isn't very convenient but we can get a bit of information though. Here is a useful link: the website of the CCI of Marseille-Provence, /www.marseille-provence.cci.fr">CCI de Marseille-Provence.

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