Campus : the long struggle for the right of interference

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The new session of the Institute for the Right of Peace and Development has allowed to tribute those who, from 1933 to nowadays, have struggled in order to impose the humanitarian concept.

In the Palace of the League of Nations is appearing a German individual, someone called Berheim, a Jewish from the High Silesia who had lodged a complaint against his government because of the persecutions of the nazi regime, which had just arrived to power, towards the Jewish. The Reich's Minister of propaganda, Joseph Goebbels is answering in front of the assembly : Germany is a sovereign country, we treat our pacifists, our socialists and our Jewishes as we want to.The League of Nations' delegates are shocked. Not by Goebbels' answering, but by Bernheim's complaint which calls into question the article 2 paragraph 7 of the Charter which prevents the international organization from interfering in the States' home problems. One against all, René Cassin is defending the proposition that all of Bernheim have to be protected and that Goebbels has to be condemned. The Shoah was probably born from this cowardly act of the League of NationsThe story of the right of interference has started from there : Geneva, 1933. It has been related by professor Mario Bettati, Médecins sans frontières co-founder with Bernard Kouchner, during the new solemn session of the Institute for the Right of Peace and Development of Nice University. The session was placed by Louis Balmont, Institute's most senior member and University's Vice President, under the authority of René-Jean Dupuy whose tribute was paid to by relating, with the story of the humanitarian right and the right of interference, the remembrance of those who had inspired Bernard Kouchner, the Nobel Prize René Cassin and Boutros Boutros Ghali, the former United Nations Secretary general.After World War II, René Cassin's ideas had been progressively acknowledged from the universal declaration of the Human Rights and the Convention of December 9th 1948 about the crackdown of the genocide. 50 years have had to go by for the right of interference and the introduction of a little bit more of humanity in International Relations to be acknowledged with the elections in Kosovo.

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