Campus: partnership agreement between GigaGroup and Theseus

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The agreement between the company of analysis on information technologies and the prestigious MBA of Sophia should allow to create a local recruitment source of a very high level.

GigaGroup, American company of analysis on information technologies and the International Institute of Management Theseus based at Sophia Antipolis have announced a partnership agreement. Within this agreement, the MBAs, PhDs, "executive programmes" and teachers of Theseus will be able to have access to the overall analysis of Giga; Giga will bring its contribution for the use of these appraisals. Concerning Theseus, it will provide case studies to Giga and practical examples which will be used by Giga's analysts as a source for the analysis of European markets. Punctual exchanges of speakers will also take place between both organizations.The same agreement was concluded with the INSEADThis relationship with Theseus is clearly part of our strategy of association to the most prestigious training programmes in each country where our clients are", Bruno Tourme comments, chief executive officer at GigaGroup.According to Paul de Ligny Boudreau, Chief Research Officer at GigaGroup, "as European and North-America analysts, the use of field works carried out by MBA students trained by Theseus is for us an opportunity to apprehend better the needs of local companies –in particular in the region of Sophia-Antipolis-. This new partnership agreement, after the one concluded with the INSEAD, is clearly part of our strategy to reinforce our commitment in Europe." This agreement will allow to "create a local recruitment source of a very high level", adds Stephanie Lange-Bourdiec, in charge of the Giga office at Sophia Antipolis.A common strategyTheseus is also satisfied. "This partnership with GigaGroup is very strategic for Theseus and particularly for these MBA programmes. Indeed, our MBAs are specialized programmes, contrary to the several general programmes which exist in Europe and worldwide. They are based on management training in high tech and on the use of NTIC in management" comments Francis Bidault, one of the managers at Theseus."Moreover, GigaGroup and Theseus share the same values: international products, a differentiation strategy against some competitors, and an innovative approach of our jobs. This partnership is a big step for our organizations."

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