CanalWeb can go on...but slowly

Posté mar 09/10/2001 - 00:00
Par admin

CanalWeb is allowed to go on. The pioneer of webTV had been compelled to make a volunteer liquidation last September 26th (see the article "CanalWeb filed a petition in bankruptcy"). However, the Commercial Court of Paris has given the company a chance. They have decided to make the company go on with an observation period of 6 months. Founded in 1998 by Jacques Josselin, the start-up, which aim was to invent a new television, will nevertheless have to go much slowly. According to a press release, the configuration will focus on the broadcasting and B to B plat-form activity with around thirty employees.Before the bankruptcy, the CanalWeb group was composed of around one hundred people. They were mainly dispatched between Canaweb Studios (Graphic studio, Web studio, Audiovisual studios, Broadcasting plat-form), (Management and program development, Executive production, Marketing and Promotion) as well as R&D, business and administration.

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