Cannes: 35 MF works at Palais des Festivals

Posté mar 26/09/2000 - 00:00
Par admin

Summer period, which generally permits to have a rest in congresses' activity, allowed the SEMEC to renew the Palais des Festivals opened in 1983. Thus, according to a great deal of exhibitors' claims, the exhibitions' hall false ceiling (14,000 m² at 1st floor) was totally renewed. At the same time, into the false ceiling, cables were installed for high output connections; electricity and air conditioning were checked up. The amount: 17 million francs.And, still during the summer, the 853 big audit floor seats were changed (2 million francs). Next year, the dress circle seats will be changed. This seats' change allowed to set up a system of simultaneous translation thanks to infrared rays which replaced the cabled system. Works for conformity were done (7 million francs). The SEMEC had already invested, during the first semester 2000, 8 million francs for the building of a new 500 seats projection room. At the end, near 35 million francs for all the works. And to this, it must be added 60 million francs which were invested for the equipment of the new Riviera place, the Palais expansion…

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