Cannes : Alcatel Space, 2000 employment champion

Posté ven 15/12/2000 - 00:00
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In order to face the recover, the satellites manufacturer in Cannes has recruited some 500 people since March and has started a site redevelopment plan of almost 500 million francs.

It is going to be hard to recruit more. The Alcatel Spaces plant in Cannes, which has been put in charge of the manufacturing of about ten satellites, has opened since last March an employment plan of about 700 engineer and technician posts principally. Within six months, 2.800 CV have been received, 1.350 notifications have been sent, 1.600 candidates have been interviewed and 475 contracts have been signed. 150 people are still to be hired. Jean Zieger, the site director, says that, between March 2000 and March 2001, the company has hired 700 people.Alcatel Spaces, which staff is up to 1.700 employees who are helped by 500 proximity subcontractors, has also invested a lot of money to face this strong activity expansion. In 2000, the company has ploughed 25 million euros (160 million francs) in the reorganization of its premises. In 2001, a 50 million euros restructuring plan has been scheduled in order to create, as at Airbus in Toulouse, a real assembly line of satellites which would allow to face the manufacturing of about ten satellites a year. Within two years, 500 millions francs have been invested!In the same way, the employment rhythm is scheduled to go on next year. Alcatel Spaces, which takes advantages of its prestigious name, affirms that, for the moment, Cannes has not meet recruitment problems. Many young engineers native of the region who have left for studies in Paris or in other French regions notably find the opportunity to come back on the French Riviera…

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