Cannes: Alcatel Space will be able to enlarge

Posté lun 16/10/2000 - 00:00
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The Regional council has voted the purchase of a 2 hectares plot near the premises of the satellite manufacturer. A first stage in an expansion which would avoid a relocation in Toulouse.

A first step in the expansion of Alcatel Space premises in Cannes (75,000m² and 1,500 employees at the end of the year in La Bocca site). The Cannes company, European leader in satellite construction is experimenting a sizeable boom. During last months, contracts for the construction of 9 big satellites were signed, while other important contracts are about to be won and a part of SkyBridge program (80 satellites to build within two years) should be executed in Cannes. This explains the need of more space.Two other files to achieveA step towards expansion has been made when the Regional council decided to buy a 20,000m² plot of land near the existing site of Alcatel Space. A program authorization of 12 million francs was voted to buy the plot which is at the moment owned by Vivendi. The plot will be rented to Alcatel.In order the activities stay in Cannes and are not relocated in Toulouse, Cannes has to face two other obstacles: the purchase of the Cannes M.I.N and of two hectares of the Cannes-Mandelieu airport. Both files have been lasting for more than three years. The M.I.N sale price seems to be prohibitive: 76 million francs for 5,000m² of sheds. And, about negotiations with the CCI, they have not found an end.From now on, Alcatel Toulouse will be able to test satellites on the spot, in CNES (national center for spatial studies) rooms, which were used to be done in Cannes. Even if there is no competition between both sites as it has been said by representatives, the possibilities of expansion in Cannes will be determinant.

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