Cannes : an amazing cyber ad !

Posté mer 14/03/2001 - 00:00
Par admin

Advertisement is now on Internet and shows to be very creative. As can prove the Cyber Lion 1999 winners that you can find the advertising film Festival site, a festival which will end on Saturday evening June 26th. This remarkably creative site on /">www.canneslions.comdeserves to be seen. There, you will find the results of the 1999 vintage concerning poster display as well as press and film campaigns (from Monday only for movies). But it is also the occasion, with these Great Prizes and Cyber Lion, to discover the wonderful possibilities of the e-ad and the wonderful creation mean that it can offer from one's computer screen, at home or at the office. Some impressive examples. Thus, the e-business golden Cyber Lions have been awarded to /">Photodiscand to the /"> Levi Strausscampaign. Another great prize for Germans with /">Eleven 22(furniture) in the brand campaigns. Cyber Lion as well, in the banner category, for the Brazilians an amazing series of sexual suggestions through…plug and socket power point. An example with à /"> Lesbian. And, amazing, rewarded by a Great Prize and a Cyber Lion in the mini-site category, a whole range of ads of the IBM campaign, on /"> e-business. Poetry in motion !

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