Cannes : Bernard Brochand subscribes to the RPR

Posté mar 24/04/2001 - 00:00
Par admin

A surprise in the designation of first RPR candidates in the Alpes-Maritimes : the choice of Bernard Brochand as head of the list for Cannes. Of course, Bernard Brochand was known as old friend of President of the Republic Jacques Chirac (the publicist had elaborated the communication campaigns for the presidential elections. But until now, he stayed out of the party. He subscribes to the Rassemblement pour la République only recently. This change risks to provoke curfuffle in a very concensual campaign team, which is also composed of left personalities.On the other hand, for the other big cities of the department, the designations were expected : senator Jacques Peyrat for Nice, Louis Nègre for Cagnes-sur-mer, both of them are outgoing mayors. The nomination for Grasse, Antibes and le Cannet will be given during a second wave.

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