Cannes : by-elections on March 25th and April 1st

Posté lun 26/02/2001 - 00:00
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The electors of Cannes, Mandelieu and Théoule will have to vote four Sundays in a row. They will have to vote as all French people for the municipal elections on March 11th and 19th but will have to vote again on both next Sundays (March 25th and April 1st) for the by-elections which were organized after the deputy of the 8th constituency, Louise Moreau, passed away (UDF). To stand for the elections, the applying dates are between February 26th and March 4th until midnight. This election should be followed by a third and a fourth row for both candidates of the right wing who fight for the town council in Cannes, Bernard Brochand (RPR) and Gilles Cima (UDF).Two other by-elections will take place at the same time in France: in the Val d’Oise, following the resignation of Domminique Strauss-Kahn’s deputy, since Domminique Strauss-Kahn wishes to take back his deputy mandate that he gave up when he entered the government; in Toulouse, following the appointment of Dominique Baudis at the presidency of the CSA (equivalent of the Independent Broadcasting Authority) which forced him to resign from the French National Assembly.

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