Cannes: a few changes at the head of the important services in the town

Posté mer 09/05/2001 - 00:00
Par admin

Several positions of responsibility have changed at Cannes city hall with the arrival of the new mayor, Bernard Brochand. Then, a new general secretary for the city hall has been appointed to replace Jacques Kaloustian who has hold the position for more than ten years. Michèle Monties, 44 years old, was previously general director of the management and development of the real estate park of the post office. Another important change is the general manager of the SEMEC, the semi-public company of Cannes events. Philippe Villechaize, who maybe had unfortunately get more connected with Gilles Cima, former deputy mayor for tourism and candidate for the elections was dismissed on Thursday evening. He was replaced by the former general manageress of the Barrière group for the South-east, Martine Maurin, who became since then Martine Giuliani. Philippe Villechaize had taken the direction of the semi-public company in 1994, which manages among others the palais des festivals of Cannes.

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