Cannes Film Festival : Jodie Foster won't be the president

Posté ven 16/02/2001 - 00:00
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The actress and film director Jodie Foster, 'the French-speaking and bi-cultural with forget-me-not eyes ' as Gilles Jacob, president of the FIF, introduced her finally won't succeed to Luc Besson as the president of the jury for the next Cannes Festival (9th-20th May). She resigned for the presidency with 'death in the soul' because of a last-minute shooting. Indeed, she was asked to embody the heroin of the new film by David Fincher ('Seven', 'Fight Club', and 'The Game') and to replace quickly Nicole Kidman as explained Gilles Jacob in a press release announcing the news on Sunday February 4th. The dates of the shooting and the Festival overlaping, Jodie Foster, as an actress had to privilege her profession.'With all my heart I hope that the proposition is only postponed and that, if the Festival honours me with another request, I will one day - and this time for real! -, be the president of the jury of a Festival to which I owe so much. 'declared Jodie Foster. The actress didn't forget that she was discovered in Cannes in 1976. Aged 13, she played a young prostitute in 'Taxi Driver', by Martin Scorcese, cult movie that won the Palme d'Or in 1976. As for the Festival, it will give the name of the new president soon. It is worth noting that the Cannes Festivals are unlucky this year. A week ago, the international commercial Festival (at the end of June in Cannes) had to look for another president of the jury as well.

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