Cannes: a French Riviera cyber-café will set up

Posté mer 01/08/2001 - 00:00
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After the philosophy cafés, the web cafés? A first meeting for Net addicts is planned on Friday March 17th at the "Farfala". It is the occasion to break the isolation for the free lance professionals of the Net…

As philosophy cafés which gathered philosophy lovers, will now the Web get its web cafés soon, thus regularly gathering all Internet addicts? The first meeting of a French Riviera cyber café is anyway planned on Friday March 17th at the "Farfala" in Cannes, in front of the Palais des Festivals, from 17.00 (the meeting should go on until 21.00 or 22.00). Boris Perchat, a young creator on the Web is at the origin of this initiative. He explains the interest: "the idea is to gather the Net community of the Alpes Maritimes, as the Foundation of Sophia Antipolis did for the young companies of growth with the Sophia Start-up club and its "second mondays".""Many of those who work on the Net are often isolated. The establishment of a new cyber café, with meetings which could be organized monthly, will allow to break this isolation particularly faced by the free-lance professionals. We try to organize simple meetings for local actors of the Net. We also wish that these meetings are opened to Internet addicts who are not professionals but who are involved in its use at a minimum." "Through these meetings, it will be possible to start exchanges, to share, and why not, to create professional collaborations. More globally, we wish to create a debate, to share everyone's experiences… to gather a community of "Net people" on the French Riviera. It would be the occasion to start a dialogue with the curious "non-actors" (to such an extent that they will pop at the café). In brief, we wish to create a real cyber café…"About ten people have already announced their contribution to this first meeting which will also allow to well define this concept of cyber café. However, doors will be opened to everyone interested in the Web. For any additional information, please contact Boris Perchat: e-mail :; gsm : 06 61 85 54 33.

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