Cannes: goodbye to the 'Guignols' of the Festival

Posté mer 04/04/2001 - 00:00
Par admin

'It won't be Canal +'s festival in Cannes, but Cannes' Festival on Canal+', Michel Denisot said ironically on Tuesday. The manager of the TV channel for which you need a decoder commented at the MIP TV in Cannes the decision not to broadcast its fetish programme 'Nulle part ailleurs' on the Croisette for the next Film Festival. Set up on the beach in front of the Martinez, Canal+'s podium with its 'Guignols' has been one of the biggest public attraction of the Festival for a few years. Canal+, which bought out the television of the Festival last year, however asserts that it would remain even more present than ever in Cannes's event and supports that the decision was taken before the buying out by Vivendi. Whatever, we have to say goodbye to the 'Guignols' of the Festival.

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