Cannes-Mandelieu airport : the stop of the London-Sydney rally

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The first stop of the London-Sidney air rally will happen on March 11th 2001 at the Cannes-Mandelieu airport. 2001 represents the passage to the third millennium. As for Australians, it is also the celebration of the Australian federation centenary. On that occasion, 120 pilots will take part to a wonderful challenge : a 22.000 km air race (from March 11th to April 8th) between London and Sydney.This long journey relates the wonderful 'Kangaroos' trial' taken by aviation pioneers in 1919 and 1934. This rally will progress over 30 stops. 120 pilots (for more than 12 nationalities) will confront each others on 50 different airplanes and helicopters. According to the International Aeronautical Federation, this long-lasting event of the 1st category is the most important event of the international schedule.Since the nineties, the Cannes-Mandelieu airport experienced a great development. The first air meetings took place there, where aviation fans came to pilot and train. These pioneers have made this little airfield very famous and it has today become a plat-form that can't be ignored for business aviation (the second French airport for business aviation) and up-market leisure tourism on the French Riviera. The London-Sidney stop is another evidence of such a development.Contact- Press contact : James Eames; Tel : 00 61 (0)2 99 59 57 22; Fax : 00 61 (0)2 99 66 18 07; e-mail Information post : Direction Générale du Tourisme, SEMEC – Sophie BrugerollesTel : 04 92 99 84 12 – Fax : 04 93 99 37 06 – e-mail :

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