Cannes-Mandelieu : a campus for the air jobs

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In 2003-2004, the aeronautical formation Institute should accommodate 200 students in initial education and about 1.000 professionals in continuing education.

A campus for aeronautical education around the Cannes-Mandelieu airport is under way. On course, the project was already initiated. Thus , 70 students in initial education 250 employees in continuing education have already been received in 2000. But, today, it becomes concrete and goes further. That's the sense of the protocol agreements that have signed recently between the Chamber of commerce and industry of Nice Côte d'Azur, the Nice Academy and the AOM group, Air Littoral and Air Liberté (it is as important as Air France on Nice Côte d'Azur international airport).An investment of more than 100 million francsThis is a huge project : 14.500 m2 of premises to build on a 24.000 m2 land and divided in three areas (a space for the school of aeronautical jobs, a simulation space and a space for aeronautical maintenance education). These trainings will deal with one specific segment linked to the activity in Cannes-Mandelieu (business jets and helicopters). They will deal with the initial education as well as the continuing education. Thus, six education fields have been scheduled for the Institute : helicopter and general aviation maintenance jobs; business staff in airport; simulated piloting; airport management; aeronautical communication; security and safety.The investment is on the project scale : around 80 million francs for the construction of buildings and, in addition, the equipment cost, and particularly flight simulators (70 million francs). It is scheduled to open in 2003-2004. As for Henri Saïssi, the person in charge of the Institute, 200 students in initial education and some 1.000 employees in continuing education should be accommodated every year. The dream at home for all youngsters on the French Riviera who are keen on aviation and air occupations (professional or private airplane pilot, stewardess or steward, mechanic for helicopters or others).

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