Cannes : a new deal is planned for the cinema

Posté ven 16/02/2001 - 00:00
Par admin

Some change is planned for Cannes' screens. Firt of all, the closure of a cinema with its four screens was announced. 'Le Star', rue d'Antibes, didn't get the renewal of its lease. The premises should be allotted to become a ready-to-wear clothes shop. In this area of the rue d'Antibes, the closure of the Arcades had already led to the closure of seven screens. The place was taken over since by the FNAC. However, a project to set up a multiplex (fifteen screens, 3 500 seats), was registered at the City Council by the group UGC. This group which already plans to establish a multiplex at the Arenas in Nice, would set up on a civic ground of 29 000 square meters, on the site of a sports field, avenue François Tonner at La Bocca. This could alter the project of a multiplex in Mandelieu but it should be postponed for now by the city in order to wait for the arrival of a new team next March, after the poll.

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