Cannes: red card for the 'Carré d'or' on the Croisette

Posté mar 27/03/2001 - 00:00
Par admin

For the 'Carré d'or', this shopping mall (an area of 1600 square meters) planned to be built under the esplanade of the Palais Miramar, at the heart of the Croisette in Cannes (see article 'A business gallery project on the Croisette'). Following a dispute between the co-owners of the building, the 'Palais Miramar', the case had been referred to the court. The case was dealt with on Monday March 26th and the government commissioner has concluded to the cancellation of the building certificate that the city of Cannes had granted to the AMPCO International company in November 1999.What were the problems raised? The agreement of the co-owners was only acquired with the simple majority whereas the majority of the votes of all co-owners was necessary or even, as there is an important stake, a majority of the three-quarters; the creation of 55 car-parking spaces, obligation for which the developer contractor can't get rid of , paying a contribution of nearly 4 million francs to the town. The court will give its sentence in a few weeks. We will know at this time if the red card will be hold or not for the 'Carré d'or'.

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