Cannes: still tents festival

Posté jeu 05/10/2000 - 00:00
Par admin

The Cannes Palais des Festivals expansion had been realized to avoid the invasion of white tent sheets which were surrounding a building become too narrow. And congresses in Cannes grew faster than the expansion. Thus, for the MIPCOM 2000 meeting, actually the first one taking the 6.000 supplementary m² of the expansion, the tents were still there. This edition provoked a booming record of stands area (20.000 m²), and the number of people taking a part in the meeting grew up to more than 12.000.The four or five tent sheets structures surrounding the palais des Festivals, will remain for Tax Free meeting at the end of October. The big luxury exhibition also needs extra area ! Same thing for GSM exhibition, in next February (19 to 23), in which there will be more than 15.000 participants. A really pleasure for hotel-keepers, in September, especially with the new Opel car launching, the palace hotels (Carlton, Noga Hilton, Majestic and Martinez), ran over a 92% filling rate. And it will be the same with Tax Free and MIPCOM exhibitions in October.

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