Cannes: Tax Free opens over e-commerce

Posté ven 22/09/2000 - 00:00
Par admin

'Travel at technology speed': it is the opening theme of the largest world exhibition about luxury industry, from Oct.23rd to 27th, at Palais des Festivals.

Tax Free, the world exhibition of tax free sales could not remain insensitive to e-commerce. The next TFWE (Tax Free World Exhibition), which will take place at Palais des Festivals in Cannes, from Oct. 23rd to 27th will open on e-commerce thanks to the opening conference. It will be on Oct 23rd and the theme will be: 'travel at technology speed'. Two contributors were invited.José Luis Zoreda, CEO of 'World Tourism Organisation's business council', will give the trends and perspectives about the evolution of travel global market; Chuck Martin, president of the 'Net future institute', one of the world best experimented people about e-commerce will give to suppliers the keys which will allow them to remain competitive and profitable in the new electronic era. Chuck Martin, former IBM vice-president wrote several books, like: 'Net future: the 7 cyber trends that will drive your business', his latest work.Tax Free will gather together more than 500 exhibitors representing the most prestigious trademarks in the world for perfumes, make-up, clothes, jewels, tobacco, alcohol, and other goods sold duty free across the world. About 13,000 people from 145 nationalities are expected. But the exhibition remains dedicated to professional people.

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