Cannes : the technology against the fatality on the road

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The first European conference 'Safe Highways of the future' will present the latest technologic progress which allow to make the road of the future safer.

Behind the name of 'Safe Highways of the future', has begun on Wednesday January 10th in Cannes, the first European conference dedicated to the road safety by new technologies. This summit will go on until Friday January 12th 2001 at the palais des festivals in Cannes. Organized by the Traffic Technology International magazine, the main idea of this new congress is a simple one : what about transferring the cost of medical cares caused by road accidents towards the improvement of the road infrastructure and the help to drivers ? Such an eminently desirable transfer is today all the more envisaged as the progress of electronics embarked in cars are offering new solutions.During three days, specialists of new technologies and those of road infrastructures, will study the means to reduce accidents and to improve road safety. On the agenda, sessions about 'automated roads' and 'support systems to drivers with embarked electronics' (with people from Nokia, Nissan, Jaguar, etc). As well, 'traffic management and tunnel and road safety with the video processing', the safety of tomorrow's car will be discussed.On Friday discussions will be more particularly dedicated to support systems to drivers and communication. The themes that will be mentioned are indicative of current ideas that are followed : integration of road and car lightning; collision avoidance equipment; advanced driver assistance systems; application of telematics in navigation and the support for keeping the car on the road, etc. The road insecurity is not fatality any more. European, American and Japanese experts of this summit want to prove it by presenting the last generation of ideas and technologies which allow, at last, to think about safer roads for the future.ContactInternet site at the address :

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