Cannes: two big contracts for Alcatel Space

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The firm from Cannes which wan the Hispasat D market and the one of four big satellites for GE Americom is now recruiting.

Two contracts signed one after the other: Alcatel Space in Cannes has work to do for the two or three years to come. Hispasat, by choosing Alcatel Space to extend its satellites network (there is a satellite to build: Hispasat D) had already increased the quantity of work for the firm in July 2000.But it is above all the contract signed on July 18th with the American GE Americom which seems to present the best prospects. First by its scale: 4 huge and powerful satellites (between 4 and 5 tons each). Then by its amount: it has been estimated at 450 million dollars. Then because Alcatel Space enters the American market which is the most important one in the world and the better kept by the Americans themselves.Hispasat 1D will be delivered within 23 monthsHispasat 1D was captured at the end of an international competition launched by Hispasat SA. Hispasat SA thus chose Alcatel Space to build a new satellite whose delivery has been planned within 23 months. Alcatel had already been chosen as a project manager for Hispasat 1C which is in service since March 2000. The new model will use the Spacebus 3000B platform which has several strong points: possibility to adapt high antennas and many transponders, high precision in pointing and high autonomy.It will be necessary for Hispasat 1D missions: digital television providing, telecommunications, transfers of data and videos and access to Internet services. With the Hispasat 1A, 1B, 1C, it will offer to Europe, to the Americas, and to some regions of Northern Africa a multi-regional coverage. Its expectation of life will be 15 years. Alcatel Space will be responsible for building and delivery but also for the launching campaign, trials into orbit, for operators training and for the supplying of ground means for satellites control.The big US contractIn what concerns the US contract, Alcatel Space had already worked for GE American Communications (GE Americom), a subsidiary of the General Electric group. But it was a contract got in passing. GE Americom whose official supplier is Lockheed Martin, needed a satellite very quickly and Alcatel had an available option levy and was able to furnish within 12 months.The four big satellites to build (Spacebus 4000 platforms, which means satellites from 4 to 5 tons each) represent this time a real American contract for the group. The satellites which could be delivered at the end of 2002, will be built in Cannes, while the live load will be assembled at Alcatel Toulouse.300 to 400 recruitmentsThe two contracts represent a wave of new clients for the group in Cannes. In Cannes some satellites are waiting to be finished like for example: Eurasiasat, it will be launched in November 2000; Jason, which is a satellite observing the oceans, planned for the end of December 2000; Meteosatnew generation, beginning of 2001; Eutelsat, for June 2001; Astrawhich will be launched later, in 2001 because of modifications the client asked. 'The market of satellites is cyclical. For example, the Asian crisis had made the number of orders decrease. Everything seems now to wake up, while the companies which already have satellites are thinking about replacing them.'The company in Cannes is still waiting for the launching of the Skybridge program, a constellation of satellites which should increase its amount of work. The program which is one year late has not been abandoned however. Discussions are pending and a decision should be presented for falls. And the group is still recruiting, 200 engineers should be recruited within 2000 and a hundred of subcontractors too. The Cannes space industry is now booming…

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