Cannes : what laser can do for your eye

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The latest eye restructuring laser techniques will be presented at the Noga Hilton on March 24th during the Schwind symposium which gathers the best European ophthalmologists together.

The latest eye restructuring laser techniques ! They are going to be presented to ophthalmologists coming from numerous European countries on Saturday March 24th during the Schwind symposium that will take place from 9.30 am to 1.30 pm at the Noga Hilton in Cannes. Practitioners will become initiated into the new operating methods and into the latest technologies created in order to correct sight by direct intervention cornea.For the treatment of astigmatismThey didn't chose the place by accident : for the first time in France, in 1990, an excimer laser intervention practised on the eye by Dr Caubet happened in Cannes. This ophthalmologist who, since that time, has restructured the cornea of thousands myopic or hypermetropic patients will show, on Saturday March 24th, an operating protocol which allows to treat astigmatism.Until now refractive surgery consisted essentially in correcting the cornea curvature so that the image forms on the right place on the retina (as for myopic people it forms ahead and as for hypermetropic people it forms behind the retina). Then, the cornea 'restructuring' is uniform (circular) and it allows myopic or hypermetropic people to have a 10 tenth acuity and beyond without having to wear glasses. It's a quantitative correction.The astigmatic eye is under a oval form which poses problems, not only of sharpness but also of vision troubles (slip or deformed image). The operating technique of Dr Caubet consists in recreating a spherical form by correcting the oval '2 axes'. It consists in flattening the shortest curvature (the most arched one) and in accentuating the longest curvature.Aberrometry : a 'star wars' techniqueAnother new technique presented : the aberrometer, a space technique. Actually, aberrometry is the analysis of all the parasitic elements of the atmospheric layer which are able to disturb sky observation by a telescope and laser firing towards a missile. The detection of deformations generated by the atmosphere allows to compensate thanks to 'back-deformations' on the surface of telescope mirror.In the same way, the aberrometer, that will presented for the first time in France by professor Théo Seiler from Zürich, is able to realize a real eye cartography. It sends waves which trajectory, deformed by eye 'aberrations', is analysed after the reflection on the retina. Then, the 'made-to-measure' cornea restructuring works in order to correct at the beginning obstacles which cannot be eliminated in the middle of the eye. The conception and the realization of this system are entirely European.As well, the laser operating technique is inspired from the aeronautic and spatial technology with the 'tracker' system which allows to follow the eye movement while keeping the its precision during the operation. The laser is 'locked' on the eye like when an interceptor plane aims at the target. The aberrometer presentation will also be one the great moment of this symposium.

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