Cannes: when Yeslam ben Laden finances flying courses

Posté sam 29/09/2001 - 00:00
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In journalistic language, it is called a scoop. Thus, Nice-Matin had already revealed in exclusivity that a part of the Ben Laden family were owners of a luxurious villa in Cannes, in the district of the Californie (villa La Bergerie, Corniche du Paradis). In its edition of September 26th, the daily regional newspaper said more. It reveals that one of the Ben Laden brothers, Yeslam Ben Laden, businessman living in Geneva, had financed the flying courses of a former air policeman from Cannes that he had met on the airport of Cannes-Mandelieu.François Rosso, who led the journalistic investigation, explains in the article "The hazardous links of a former policeman from Cannes", which currently puzzles the justice: the lessons were not taken in Europe but in Florida, in one of the three schools frequented by the kamikazes. Of course, nobody seriously thinks that this former policeman would be considered as a terrorist. However, this revelation could clarify the relationships between the Ben Laden family and the brother Oussama Ben Laden they said they had repudiated.This question is even more accurate since Yeslam Ben Laden manages the Saudi Investment Group. However, the main activity of this company is to deal with one part of the assets of the family of Saudi Binladin Group (SBG), this sprawling group which activities go from the BTP to satellites. "The Saudi Investment Group, at the head of an offshore company of the holding, indeed controls several charity foundations linked to the Islam and suspected to be infiltrated by extremists who pass themselves off as refugees", , mentioned Nice-Matin.On the same theme, it is also worth reading the daily paper of Le Monde of September 22nd , "Meeting of the three Ben Laden brothers in Cannes". This "Cannes summit" was held during the weekend of September 15th and 16th. "According to information gathered by investigators, , said Le Monde, the conversation between the three brothers was held on the consequences led by these attacks, and particularly retaliation measures which could be taken against the Ben Laden family or its assets." However, the new revelations from Cannes make investigators a bit more puzzled concerning the subject of conversations held during this meeting on the French Riviera.

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