Capital : the list of business fortunes on the Riviera

Posté mar 09/01/2001 - 00:00
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Albert Loridan, Anny Courtade, Jean-Pierre Verdickt, Patrick Pasini, Raymond Balitrand, Charles Costamagna, Jean-Jack Boumendil enter the 'top 16' of the French Riviera

Many newcomers in the business fortunes hit-parade that has been set up, region after region, by the Capitalmagazine published last December. This ranking just comes after the Challengesmagazine's one made up last June ( French Riviera rich people in the classification 'Challenges'.At the lead in the Alpes-Maritimes, strongly settles Gérard Rodriguez(the number one in France for high luxury yachts) with a patrimony of 3.2 billion francs. After comes Max Rombi(Arkopharma, a pharmaceutical company which deals with soft medicines) with a patrimony estimated at 1.4 million francs.Still in the department, we find at the lead of the ranking some perfumers ( Jean Mane, Philippe Maubertfrom Robertet S.A., Marie-Jeanne Sansoldi(Charabot), Emmanuel Alvès(Orgasynth), the founders of Virbac ( Jeanine Dick), of the cleaning company GSF ( Jean-Louis Noisiez).Among the newcomers who get into the standings of the first sixteen business fortunes in the Alpes-Maritimes come in order : 6th Albert Loridan, founder of Micromania, a videogames distribution company which has been overtaken at 35% by LVMH; 8th Anny Courtade, leader of Leclerc in the south-east with her company Melhodi; 13th Jean-Pierre Verdickt(Biotonic, cosmetics selling); 14th Patrick Pasini(SA Nikaiadis, with a Leclerc supermarket in Nice suburbs); 15th Raymond Balitran, a building materials wholesaler.Last and 16th equal people on the list of Capital : Charles Costamagna(building materials) and Jean-Jack Boumendil, the founder of Thermatech, a technologic company quoted on the Second Market in Paris (ovens for the realization of electronic chips). Both of them are credited with a patrimony of 50 million francs.

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