Capital on M6: what did the start-up become?

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In « Génération stressée » (stressed generation), the magazine Capital of M6 (Sunday November 19th at 8.50 PM) is dealing again with the start-ups. Emmanuel Chain’s correspondants will also speak about Sophia Antipolis, through a review on “start-up: what did they become”. Stephane Martin, who is in charge of the report, met Fabrice Grinda again a year after. At the time, ”the very young manager of the auction website Aucland had his picture in all newspapers. Did he succeed to impose upon his prestigious shareholder, Bernard Arnault, the manager of the luxury giant company, LVMH?”(Fabrice Grinda was dismissed of the president position at Aucland two months ago).It is one of the matters which will be dealt with by the magazine which also met one more time the Pallix brothers (grouped purchases with and which takes a disenchanted look on « miracles » of the new economy. ”They are 25 years old and last year, as it was written in the presentation programme , they dreamed of fast money and success-story. Nowadays, many are waking-up with a hangover. The Internet euphoria, which enabled kids to get millions, faded away to nothing. In Paris as in San Francisco, you have to work even more, and sometimes, you don’t earn enough to live decently. Is it possible to make fortune ? Is it possible to combine private life with professional success ? Why did the Californian paradise of start-ups become unbearable for most of its inhabitants ?”It is worth watching on Sunday evening on M6 whereas what was a fairy tale at the beginning is now over…

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