Casino Carlton Club: Partouche reopens

Posté lun 13/08/2001 - 00:00
Par admin

The Partrouche group has finally given up: they will reopen the Carlton Casino Club as soon as Saturday August 11th after he officially closed it in the night from Sunday to last Monday. Yesterday, on Thursday August 9th, the group which had started negotiations with the Home Department to get the transfer of games to the Palm Beach, was ordered by the city hall to reopen the casino within three days. The city, which feared to loose money because of the closure (last year, through the game tax, the casino paid 35 million francs to the city), has said that the Partouche group was compelled to provide a public utility service. Patrick Partouche, the boss of the company which runs the casino, has declared he agreed with this reopening decision “in order to preserve the 160 jobs of the casino and to maintain the consensus existing between the city and Mayor Bernard Brochand, who has always supported us”.

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