Castify Networks: the premiere for the "pay per view" in the world

Posté lun 30/07/2001 - 00:00
Par admin

It is a premiere for the "pay per view" on the Internet which will be done on Tuesday, July 17th in the evening thanks to the technology of Castify Networks, the start-up launched by doctors graduated at the Eurécom Institute. It concerns the broadcasting of Elton John's concert on the Net. Presented by MSN, MediaWave and Media Arts Corporation and broadcasted thanks to the streaming media technology on the Internet developed by Castify Networks, this "live" session on MSN represents a premiere in the world for the "pay-per-view" (payment per view). At this occasion, the team of Castify Networks organizes a broadcast on large screen via Internet of Elton John's concert in live, on Tuesday July 17th at 20.30, lecture hall LUMIERE, CICA-2229, route des Crêtes in Sophia-Antipolis.ContactFrancine Gittins; e-mail; Tel :

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