The CCI (Chamber of Commerce) has launched the 'Internet-firms meetings'

Posté mar 01/08/2000 - 00:00
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Organized in the Maisons de l'Entreprise (houses of firms) of Nice and Cannes, the training séances are dedicated more exactly to very small firm managers or to merchants

If big firms and SMEs know how to master the new technologies of information and communication, it is not always the case with VSFs, above all for merchants. And they represent the group of people the Chamber of Commerce of Nice targets by settling an awareness policy to the Internet.The Espaces Entreprises Informatique Internet were created recently and have as a mission to make these people discover or know better all the applications of New Technologies. Since July, merchants, firm managers and providers of a service have been invited to take a part in the 'Rendez-vous Internet', which take place every Wednesday between noon and 2:00 pm at Maison des Entreprises in Nice, number 20 bd Carabacel and every Thursday, same hours at Maison des Entreprises of Cannes economic basin, number 20, bd Carnot. Activities: choose an access supplier, surfing…These Internet meetings are the first stage of an Internet operation for which the Chamber of Commerce of Nice has developed a supply in services going from awareness to pieces of advice via training, the CCI said in a press release. It will be possible to access to new services thanks to all the Maisons des Entreprises the CCI opened two years ago in the Alpes-Maritimes.ContactsFor a maximum of efficiency, the number of applicants is limited to only one person for a computer. It is important to register in advance: 04 93 13 74 69Maison des Entreprises de Nice: 04 93 13 74 69Maison des Entreprises de Cannes: 04 97 06 66 00

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