CCI elections: a Udeca list boosted by high tech

Posté jeu 02/11/2000 - 00:00
Par admin

Jean-Paul Ortelli, president of the Udeca (union of the firms on the French Riviera) seems to be satisfied of having succeeded in entering in the Udeca list for the elections on November 20 at Nice CCI some leaders in Riviera high tech. On the list the registered people are Christian Poujardieu, president of the Gimeca and director of IBM La Gaude; Jean Zieger, director of Alcatel Space Cannes; André Labat, director of Simulog…Lead by Francis Perugini, real president of the CCI, the list renewed, became younger, more feminine. It will have to face a competitive list, the one of CID-UNATI which defends retail shops.

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