Ceram: 7,600 registered people to the entrance examination

Posté mer 30/08/2000 - 00:00
Par admin

The figures of the Ceram entrance examinations which were published at the beginning of the month were around 2,500 applicants. They were those who had passed the written part of the exam. The number of applicants for the written part was 3,418 people from HEC preparatory classes (High Trade Studies) and 3,331 applicants registered on Passerelle 1 for first school year and 879 others registered on Passerelle 2 for second year.The examinations which usually take place in June confirmed the new boom of the Sophia trade school. The 'Challenges' classification in 1999, ranked the Ceram 14th among all French trade schools, which is not too bad. And in June the selection was even harsher.The number of students for the edition 2003 of the ESC program will be published in September.

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