CERAM : Conférence sur la gestion du risque dans la chaîne d'approvisionnement

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Le CERAM Business School organise une conférence-débat sur la gestion du risque dans la "supply chain" et les réponses qui peuvent être proposées face à la mondialisation et à la crise économique. Cette conférence sera donnée en anglais par le Professeur Sandor Boyson de RH Smith, Université de Maryland mercredi 25 février de 17h 30 à 19h amphi 139 au Ceram.


"Managing the supply Chain in troubled times"


"Managing the supply Chain in troubled times: Responding to heightened risk from global financial and operational restructuring" by Dr. Sandor Boyson, Research Professor, Co-Director, Supply Chain Management Center Logistics, Business and Public Policy Dept. Robert H. Smith School of Business


Globalization, driven in part by the rapid development of the internet, has led to significant global outsourcing, relying heavily on partnership. While this business model has driven cost efficiencies and operational flexibility across global enterprises, it has also recently led to a heightened perception of eroded strategic command and a loss of network coherence.


Over the last few years, we have witnessed significant disruptions to the global supply chains caused by 9/11, the Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome (SARS), the Asian tsunami, Hurricane Katrina, soaring gas prices, and now, the looming financial crisis. Executives are re-thinking the strategies for their global supply chains, such as better risk management through increased strategic command. You can join Sandor Boyson at CERAM Business School to discuss the supply chain strategies needed to stay in pace with the dynamic global environment, supply chain risk and the global financial crisis.


Dr. Sandor Boyson : background


Professor Boyson has significant expertise in technology management and supply chain management, with over 20 years experience in strategic technology planning, systems development/ management, and enterprise-wide process integration. He has served as a technology & strategy consultant to public organizations as varied as the World Bank and the Department Of Defense and private sector organizations such as Allied Signal, Hughes Network Systems and The Chicago Tribune. He currently serves as Co-Director of Smith's Supply Chain Management Center.


He has generated and managed $10.8 million in research contracts over the past eight years from organizations including National Science Foundation and DARPA. In addition, he has initiated partnerships with leading edge companies ranging from Sun, Oracle, Cisco, Avaya, General Electric, IBM and Manugistics that have resulted in $7.4 million of booked contributions in hardware, software and services.



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