Ceram: international summit on financial risk management

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An Nobel Economy prize, the father of the theory of fractals and the most famous finance specialists for the financial engineering symposium of July 2nd and 3rd. a symposium entirely in English…

Let me warn you: the conference on financial risks management organized at the Ceram of Sophia Antipolis, next July 2nd and 3rd, will be exclusively conducted in English language. So, here are the questions tackled on the theme “Challenges and stakes of risk management”: Evaluating High Tech Start-Ups and "Established" Ventures in Today's Environment; New Developments in Risk Management; New Methods to Evaluate Operational Risk Controls; Hedge Fund Transparency; The Next Decade of Technology in the Financial Markets, etc…Such subjects are highly international and that is why organizers, the Ceram and the International Association of Financial Engineers (IAFE), have chosen highly skilled contributors. Debates will be thus conducted by the most famous international finance specialists among which professors of the most prestigious American universities. So, among contributors you will find Myron Scholes, the Nobel Economy prize 1997, Dr. Stephen Ross, Franco Modigliani, the Professor of Finance and Economics at Massachusetts Institut of Technology, Benoit Madelbrot (the father of the Theory of fractals), etc.These famous economists will present the latest developments linked to the risk management, to the evaluation of start-ups, to the new bank regulation, to the technologic evolution of financial markets and to opportunities on markets.Contact- Michel-Henry BOUCHET – Tel: 04 93 95 44 81; E-mail: michel.bouchet@ceram.fr- Isabelle RIVIERE – Tel : 04 93 95 44 34 ; E-Mail: isabelle.riviere@cote-azur.cci.fr- Websites: http://www.globalfinance.org or http://www.iafe.org

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