Ceram: Jean-Emmanuel Combes, patron of the ESC 2004 class

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PricewaterhouseCoopers's Development and Human Resources general manager in France, he will perform the solemn speech on Wednesday November 7th.

Jean-Emmanuel Combes, the PricewaterhouseCoopers's Development and Human Resources general manager, is the patron of the ESC 2004 promotion (business school) of the Ceram in Sophia Antipolis. So, he will perform the solemn speech on Wednesday November 7th, 11.00 am. He will speak on the theme of "The social performance of the company: How can we meet expectations of the new generations ?"What are the expectations of young generations today ? According to J-E Combes, the point is to allow every student to find a place within the community he is living in and to think about the way he wants to tackle and develop his professional life. How can the company meet these expectations ? Still according to the patron of the class, there are some examples showing the search for a new conception of life at work, in order to meet the wish of balance between the development of the worker and the personal development.In association with the world leader of audit and consulting agency, Jean-Emmanuel Combes has made his whole career in consulting audit and management responsibilities, in France and Europe. Professor and member of the management board at the Institute for political studies in Paris, he is also administrator or consultant in various schools and universities where he is frequently consulted about the teaching/professional career relation. Jean-Emmanuel Combes already knows the French Riviera, through various partnerships he has with associates from Nice. Among others, he has come to reward the "Passion Ovale" trophy to the Ceram's rugby team last spring, for his victory in the business schools Rugby French Cup.Accompanied by Jacques Lesieur, graduated from the Ceram in 1980 and Xavier Salmon Lefranc, graduated from the Ceram in 1975, both of whom are associated to PricewaterhouseCoopers, Jean-Emmanuel Combes will sponsor the 254 students of the ESC 2004 class. As far as PricewaterhouseCoopers are concerned, they are collaborating with the Ceram in many other domains: recruitment of young graduated students, trainees and apprentices; sponsoring of the student rugby association "Passion Ovale"; participation to pedagogy particularly in teaching the Major ESC "consulting audit", partnership with the Entrepreneurial Chair and the apprenticeship tax.

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