Ceram : the professorial body becomes international

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More than half of the new professors who have come in September come from Anglo-Saxon countries or have taught abroad. Globalisation in education…

The nomination of Thierry Boidard as academic director and newcomers in the professional body had marked September at the Sophia Antipolis Ceram. Such newcomers not only strengthen the competencies of the professional body, but also the international aspect of education. More than half of these new professors, who are holders of numerous degrees, come from Anglo-Saxon countries or have taught in other countries.- Thierry Boidard, named Academic Director, holds a DEA in Economic Sciences and Management, graduated from the IEP of Lyon. Eleven years of experience as professor and Economist-Searcher for the CNRS. Co-director DESS company creation and Entrepreneurial Engineering at the ESC of Lyon. Since 1998, deputy-director and INT Manager (Institut National des Télécommunications; Telecommunication National Institute).- Chaouche Chennoufi: Strategy and International Matters Professor. Holder of a Ph D in Management from the Bradford University (England) in 1999, of a Master in Management of International Matters from Dallas (USA) in 1981 and of a post-graduated degree in Economics and Finances from the Executive school of Paris in 1978. Author of many books: “Management Models and Globalization”, “Management Attitudes in State-Owned Enterprises and Joint Ventures In Algeria”. He takes part in many international conferences.- Frédéric Dimanche: Marketing Professor, in charge of the Tourism Master. Holder of a Ph D in Tourism and International Tourism in 1990 from the Oregon University and of a post-graduated degree in Tourism Management and Marketing. At the moment, he is professor associated to the Marketing department of the University of New-Orleans. Author of many books: “Quality Management in Urban Tourism”, “Economic Psychology of Travel and Tourism”. He writes newspaper articles and takes part in many international meetings.- Michel Ferrary: Human Resources Professor. Holder of doctorate in Management from HEC, of a DEA of Institutions Economics, of a DEA of institutions and social change sociology. Senior consultant in strategy and financial services at Gemini Consulting and in Change Management at Accenture. He is teacher at the University of Paris X Nanterre and Ho-Chi Ming Ville. Conference Master at HEC, ESCP, ENSAM. Visiting professor at the University of Stanford.- Dominique Jolly: Management Professor, in charge of the Global consortium for technology & business project. Holder of a Doctorate in Management Sciences in 1990 from the IEA of Aix en Provence in 1990 and of a DEA in Management Sciences in 1985. At the moment, he is professor at the ESC Grenoble group, Director of the Group Research, searcher in “Strategic Management”. Author of many articles in “Revue Française de Gestion”, “Gestion-Revue internationale de Gestion”… and of research publications: “Les Cahiers du CETAI”… He takes part in many international forums.- James Morris: Finance visiting Professor. Ph D 1972, Finance, University of California, Berkeley. M.B.A., 1967, Finance, University of California, Berkeley. Finance Professor in many American universities (University of Colorado in Denver, Houston, San Francisco, Pennsylvania…). Author of many publications in Financial Management, Journal of financial research, Journal of finance, … Author of a book “The Dow Jones-Irwin Guide to financial Modeling”, 1987. Consultant at Gulf Oil, Commecial Banks, Jones, Day, Reavis and Pogue.

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