Ceram, Sophia: almost 1,700 students!

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The ESC new school year, on Monday, Sept. 18th, is a testimony of the breakthrough of a school which deals with management and communication new technologies.

This is the proof that the Ceram begins a recovery among trade shools' honours list: for the first time, a former Henri IV pupil (the best school in Paris) has chosen the Ceram. Selection, during the July entrance competitions had been increased thanks to the high number of applicants (7,700 instead of 6,200 the year before, or 25% more). All the entrance levels were made higher (level over 13 out of 20, above all to enter the ESC after a university training).The ESC (trade superior school), for the new school year which will begin on Sept. 18th, should welcome 255 students for the first year and about one hundred students for the second year, which corresponds to a 65% increase compared with last year. For the new school year, 330 students will come from the EAI Tech (65% in a technological subject). Nowadays, the Ceram trains more than 400 students in technological and scientific fields.Another important evolution: a more and more marked internationalization of the school. 280 foreign students are welcomed in Sophia in different diplomas: Theseus MBA, whose AMBA accreditation has been confirmed for four years more, Masters of Sciences, the ESC (international competition CIAM) and the EAI Tech. 40% more than last year. The number of students at the Ceram is increasing once more: in November, after the entrance of the latest students, the number should reach 1,700 students for the new school year 2000/2001, instead of less than 1600 students last year.This endless progression of students explains that the CCI (the school depends from the CCI) is looking for 3 or 4,000 m² of premises more. But the current problem of the lack of premises on the technopole may be even more important for the coming years.

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