The Ceram won the investment tournament in Lyon

Posté mar 11/04/2000 - 00:00
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Six students from the Ceram of Sophia Antipolis (program ESC, Ceram Table association) won the investment tournament 2000 in Lyon, because they had the best training, before the DESS and masters specialised in finance from Lyon 2 and 3 and several Commerce schools, among which the EM Lyon and the ESC Grenoble. Franck Baron, Jean-Marie Cotro, Stéphane Jeannot, Pierre Kannengieser, Laurent Tedesco, Xavier Tissier, after having passed only six months of studies at the Ceram succeeded the best group performance by having made their portfolios yield a profit by 32.92%.This investment tournament consisted in making improve by team a 35,000 euro portfolio during five weeks (from January to February 2000). At the total, 600 students coming from 262 different diplomas and 162 French schools participated to that huge tournament organised by the city of Lyon (financial and tertiary sectors).Contact:Jean-Marie Cotro:

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