The Chamber of Commerce and Industry wants to push on its website thouroughly

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The development of will be one of the main lines of 2000. A way for the Chamber of Commerce and Industry to play the closeness with firms and tradespeople.

All the services of Nice Côte d'Azur Chamber of Commerce and Industry are reachable 24 hours a day, thanks to a click : this is what the CCI website allows ( A site that filled out in the course of the months and through which the ideas men searched an easy access, a practical side and a permanent actualization.Easy access and practical contents.'An easy access and practical contents made in priority for the firms of the French Riviera' : moreover, the Marketing and Communication Manager, Julien Riera thus defines that site of services. We took very special care to make an easy access, even for those who are not yet used to surfing on the web. A direct style for each service that is offered, what makes the relationship between the CCI and the firms easier.' And he adds that this site 'is totally keeping with the strategy of Nice Côte d'Azur CCI, to develop talks and closeness with firms and tradespeople of the French Riviera'.What can one find on '' ? First, a regrouping of information, linked around several sections. In the 'Services to firms', the heading 'to inquire' opens on conferences, information meetings, firm files, regulation, economic information, Houses of Firms etc... 'To make one's firm' puts together information to carry out one's plan, formalities and financing. Other pieces of information are brought together around themes such as 'to develop one's firm', 'to internationalize', 'to train'.The 'news' section puts together the CCI publications as a whole, with 'Azur Economy' (the four pages coming up once every two months in 'Nice Matin'), and Azur firms, the bimonthly magazine of the CCI. A calendar of the events organized by the CCI or in partnership with it, comes to be added. Finally, 'to know the CCI' takes stock of functions, professions, members of the Assembly, organization, equipments that are managed, all addresses and plans of access, chronological account of events, and outstanding avents, etc. One could also find the links as a whole, on all the websites of the CCI Group.A closeness strategy.The CCI is keen to bring that policy of virtual closeness, that is speeding up today, nearer its more material initiatives, in favour of the creation of houses of firms in Cannes, Carros and Sophia Antipolis to replace the ordinary administrative branches (Antibe, Grasse and Menton will follow in a few months). Here again, it deals with coming close to its principals and with permitting talks, through a geographic closeness.Concurrently, during last year, the CCI opened a 'computer, Internet, firm' space, in view to make easier the access to Internet and to electronic trade for the small firms. Worshops of awarness, of discovery of equipment, free access to the network and of course advice are on the programme of that permanent structure.As for the website, it is far from being fully developped. Its great growth will even be one of the main work lines of the CCI for the year 2000, as the Presidant Francis Pérugini had noted in December. Julien Riera promises 'to put the CCI services on line is not useful and it is an efficient tool for firms and tradespeople. That tool will develop in a very fast way according to the remarks of firms and to advances of new technologies in view to answer the expectations, always in the best way. Plans of the site development have been already studied.'

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