Cheaper Internet connections

Posté mer 28/02/2001 - 00:00
Par admin

Surf the Net cheaper! From Tuesday February 27th, you can now benefit from off-peak hours rates all the time. Communications towards your service provider will be charged 14 centimes a minute at any time through the day. This was the rate you could only benefit on evenings and weekends, the peak hours rates being 28 centimes a minute before. This decrease in Internet telecommunication prices that France Telecom did before the Internet festival only concern non-geographical access numbers, that is to say the FAI numbers (Internet Service Provider) which start with 0860. If your connection number starts with 04, you can’t benefit this offer. Another observation: the first minute is still charged at 70 centimes. However, it is cheaper now. According to Christian Pierret, the Industry State Secretary who was in favour of this rollback of prices, the households’ Internet bill should globally decrease of 10%.

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