Chips : the most aggressive decrease in prices

Posté jeu 23/08/2001 - 00:00
Par admin

Cheaper computers with a higher performance. The crisis which affects the market of PCs could be a good thing for consumers. Both competition among silicon masters (Intel and AMD) and among equipment manufacturers (Dell, Compaq, HP, etc) should entail a high pressure on the decrease of prices for servers and PCs in September. The decrease in prices for chips seems to be confirmed anyway. Boursorama, in "Intel will decrease the price of its chips and increase their speed ", wrote information taken from the Wall Street Journal about a price reduction of chips up to 54%. It is mentioned that it is the most aggressive reduction ever seen.AMD didn’t want to be outdone. Thus, 01 Net, in "Processors for mobile phones : AMD speeds up and decreases its prices " mentioned a decrease in prices for chips which are already in the catalogue, up to 49%. Moreover, it announced new AMD processors for mobiles, versions of the Athlon 4, at 1.1 GHz and some Duron at 900 MHz.

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