CICA: the Council of the department will call for new tenders

Posté lun 29/10/2001 - 00:00
Par admin

The CICA again in the agenda of the Council of the department during the latest meeting. The council has been asked to call for new European tenders in order to delegate the management of the International Center for Advanced Communication of Sophia Antipolis. After the decision of the Administrative Court to cancel the precedent call for tenders, the CICA had been taken up in a public corporation by the services of the Council of the department in the middle of July 2001. However, it is discussed again and modifications have been brought to the call for tenders of last yearConsidering the administrative delays, the new manager should not be appointed before the end of the first quarter 2002. As far as Carillion Services is concerned, the group which was the managerial team of the CICA from December 1st 2000 to mid-July 2001, they have tried until now to keep their team in the company offices in Carros. But recently, the group has decided to make this team redundant. Even if it means recruiting the dismissed employees in the case they would take away the new call for tenders.

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