CICA: five months to find a new managing team

Posté jeu 07/06/2001 - 00:00
Par admin

Eventually we have come to an agreement between the council of the department and the Administrative Court of nice about the way the CICA (International Center for Advanced Communication) in Sophia Antipolis will be managed during the transition: the Council of the department has obtained a five month delay to call for new european tenders and to set up a new managing team. According to the judgement of last April 27th, two have been allowed to the Council to cancel the call for tenders. On the other hand, as the process of a new call for tenders requires several months, nothing has been specified on the way to deal with the transition. This agreement sets late November the coming of the manager chosen by the call for tenders. In the meantime, the current manager of the market, the Carillion services company, will keep on managing the building in which are situated around fifty start-ups and one engineering school.

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